Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

I have mixed feelings about the Michael Jackson memorial service/tribute concert. It's part spectacle and part wake, doubtless befitting the man, the legend. I almost didn't watch any of it, but am now glad I did.

Tuned in just as Magic Johnson was telling a story about KFC - I have no beef with Magic, but putting him and Kobe Bryant together at the podium wasn't exactly the greatest pairing of orators the world has seen ... the broadcast cut out then and when it finally came back on, Jennifer Hudson was singing with some random white skinny chick dancing behind her.

I'm a little unnerved by the family all wearing matching outfits complete with sparkly glove.

Did they really have the coffin there?

how much weight has Al Sharpton lost? Bariatric surgery?
I thought his speech was good until he told Jacko's kids, "there wasn't anything strange about your daddy." Not sure history will agree with you, Reverend.

Enjoyed John Mayer's guitar version of Human Nature.

Brooke Shields is a dork.

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