Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random TV Ramblings - Charlie's Angels

The Cloo channel is showing Charlie’s Angels episodes. Tonight, the Angels have to go to a séance, with Rene Auberjunois. But first, they have to go shopping, because after all, what does one wear to a séance? Very important question.

Was Farrah supposed to be the smart one? God, it wasn’t a good show. I guess by comparison it was... Never underestimate the power of T&A.

Episode “The Séance,” original airdate 12/15/76

Oh gawd it's a marathon and now they’re in a women’s prison, with a baby-faced Kim Basinger.  And although it’s prison, their hair is still feathered and their make-up is perfect.

“Angels in Chains,” original airdate 10/20/76

RIP Farrah. 

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