Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Casey Anthony blah blah blah

My hubby had received a jury duty notice and when he checked in the other night found out he wasn’t called up. He was relieved, and rejoiced that he wouldn’t have to worry about it for another two years. I am one of those people who has never been called to serve, and it kinda bums me out. I think I would enjoy the experience and lord knows I have watched enough crime shows in preparation …. But I’m probably just feeling this way precisely because I haven’t been on a jury, and if I did have to sit around a smelly municipal building all day I might want to hurt somebody.

Speaking of which – has the world tired of the Casey Anthony trial yet? (which reminds me, what has Charlie Sheen been up to lately?) After the night the Anthony verdict was read and the following day, I’ll admit that even I had to turn off the coverage. There is only so much Nancy Grace a body can take, even with my high threshold for tv-overload.
Just a few follow-up notes tho that I wanted to share and get your thoughts on.
1. Since when do they put producers on the air? Many eons ago, I studied broadcasting. At the time, producers were strictly behind the scenes people. Now in watching this trial coverage I see many producers being put in front of a camera to report on the goings-on. Did they just run out of people to provide their ‘gavel to gavel’ coverage?
2. With my almost total ignorance of the legal system, and the Florida legal system, I have to ask – after opening statements had been read, and the defense stated the death was an accident and a cover-up ensued, at that time could the prosecution have added more charges – for example, abuse of a dead body – or had the ship already sailed by then?
3. You may have heard by now that a porn production company, Vivid Video, had made Casey A an offer to star in one or more adult films…within 24 hours they had rescinded their offer, saying they made a mistake in thinking anyone would want to see a porno with Anthony in it. No offense meant to the adult entertainment industry, but it’s telling when even they shun you.
4. Much speculation on how long it will take before a Lifetime movie-of-the-week gets made about this case. You may recall after the Amy Fisher debacle, the world ended up with no less than three versions of a made-for-tv movie – one from the ‘neutral’ point of view, one from Amy’s POV and one from the Buttafuoco family’s POV (my personal fave). I think one of them even starred Drew Barrymore. For me, the first person that jumps to mind to cast to play the lead role in this tawdry melodrama is Kat Von Deen. They’d spend a fortune on that make-up to cover tattoos tho. Who would you cast?
4.a. On a related note, my husband suggested a potential mate for Casey: Jon Gosselin.
5. Further speculation about an eventual book deal. People bought OJ’s book (I’m assuming) so we can only assume people will buy books about and presumably by Anthony. As much as Nancy Grace will decry an eventual book deal, how many copies do you think will be purchased by tv producers, reporters, etc? They are all going to have to buy the book to report on it and hold it up for the camera!
6. Saw something about Florida considering legislation to bar jurors from benefiting from having served on a trial. We'll see if that goes anywhere, along with "Caylee's Law," which would make it a felony for a parent to not report a child missing within 24 hours. Reportedly, George Anthony has signed on in favor of the bill.
In the last Nancy Grace broadcast I could bring myself to watch, the Devil, aka Lampshade Head, said, “…in our way, we seek justice for Caley.” You keep telling yourself that, Nance.

BTW how many hours before Grace’s book on the case hits the stand??

I’d advise that she should donate any proceeds from a book to a children’s charity but I’m sure that would fall on deaf ears – or at least ears that are blocked by a helmet of hair, a ginormous ego, and a seemingly bulletproof sense of self righteousness.

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