Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict

So it took the stupid Casey Anthony trial to get me back on the blog, but I have to say I’m glad to be back. I will try to avoid the hyperbole that I’ve engaged in all afternoon on Facebook and Twitter regarding the Casey Anthony trial and today’s not-guilty verdicts that apparently stunned a lot of people …

Feel free to post your comments and thoughts.

The statement issued by Casey’s parents, George and Cindy, was probably the most reasonable thing I’ve heard during the entire trial.

And good for the jury for refusing to speak to the media. (at least for now)

What’s next for Casey?
Apply for job at Universal Studios … Move back in with parents…eHarmony?
Not trying to be flip about it but really where do you go from here. It does worry me to think she will profit from this situation – even if she is innocent, doesn’t seem right to gain celebrity status, fame and money as a result. But this is the society in which we live. (Did you watch any of the footage of the jailhouse visits between Casey and her parents in which she weaves the elaborate tapestry of lies about the fictitious nanny? CREEP-EEE. In my opinion the whole family is not right in the head.)
Jane Velez Mitchell, aka Lady Mullet, looks at the camera and laments the fact that Casey Anthony has become a celebrity figure, yet she sat outside that courthouse for six weeks focusing the media’s white-hot spotlight directly on Anthony and her family. I lament the situation and find myself glued to the tube.
But can we all agree that Nancy Grace, aka Lampshade Head, is the devil? I commented that her panel of ‘experts’ is starting to look like a grotesque Hollywood squares. Three choice quotes from today’s coverage:
“Just claim there’s a Zanny nanny and it will save your fanny.”
“Somewhere out there, the devil is dancing tonight.”
“The American flag is not flying today.”
Not sure which is worse, the people who call in to comment on the case, or the people they interviewed in front of the courthouse. Now I’m not saying I was explicitly taught this in journalism school, but it seems like when it comes time to interview the “man on the street,” the camera always seems to be trained on the most toothless, inbred looking mofo out there. [my apologies to those who work in the news media, or if you are indeed a toothless inbred mofo]
Nancy Grace interviewing Jane Velez Mitchell interviewing Dr. Drew – this may be the definition of a circle jerk.
Doesn’t seem fair to blame the jury – I’ve never sat on a jury but it can’t be easy. They had to know the pressure that was on them. Twelve people sat there for 6 weeks and weighed all the evidence and rendered a verdict – that’s how our system works, whether we like the verdict or not. Do we agree the judge handled himself well, too? Seemed pretty no nonsense.
Did the prosecution get too over-confident about their case? Maybe. Felt bad for them as they sat there as the verdicts were read, looking like they had just been spanked by the defense, which they had been.
I do think the defense acted in an unseemly manner by (literally) jumping up and down with joy outside the courtroom and going for champagne across the street from the courthouse (per Headline News). Granted they did their jobs and did them well in the sense they clearly created doubt in the minds of jurors. But keep the celebration on the DL, people, a child is still dead. This was all about Caylee Anthony, but yet it wasn’t. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, NANCY GRACE.
Lampshade Head needs to get over the “champagne party.” And retire the term “Tot Mom,” for the love of god.
RIP Caylee.
PS – one positive about this case, it prompted my husband to remember that he received a jury summons recently and that he better find it pronto.


  1. Were she a clever woman (and she may well be), she'd make her fortune, then vanish from the face of the earth. Heard one of the talking heads postulating that she'll probably find a boyfriend ASAP and have another baby to keep him around. Really. Scary. Thought.

    Great post :-)

  2. Will I've missed your comments on the blog!! There is a lot of talk (Nancy Grace) about her having another baby or wanting to adopt .... I won't be surprised if she gets into a serious relationship right away, true to her dysfunctional nature. plenty of fame-mongers out there.