Thursday, January 17, 2013

Betty White, American Treasure

Today is the birthday of Betty White, legendary comedienne, actress, performer of stage, screen and television. Probably best known for her ditzy Minnesota farmgirl character Rose Nylund on the Golden Girls and her bitchy character Sue Ann on the Mary Tyler Moore show, she has been bringing joy to audiences for more than 70 years.

The woman is still going strong, working in her 90s forpetesake. In the last decade, she’s worked on commercials (candy bars, laundry detergent), television shows (too many to name but she arguably steals the show in Hot for Cleveland) and movies (The Proposal)  … and she keeps going. They should make her the new Energizer Bunny.

Speaking of bunnies, she has long spoken out on the subject of animals, and has generously funded and been the face of numerous campaigns, fundraisers, shows etc. to bring attention to animals in need.
God bless her stamina and the example she has shown. I think the world should try a little harder to show their love of Betty, and why not cash in on it a little at the same time? 

For example, department stores could have “Betty White” sales instead of “white sales.”

Fashion stores could have promotions like, in honor of Betty’s Birthday, all white slacks are on sale for 50% off.

Flower shops could promote their rose arrangements in honor of Rose Nylund.

There are many possibilities. For my part, I won't attempt to make a traditional St Olaf Geflurkenflurken (I know my limits), but I will honor Ms. White by making a donation in her name to the Morris Animal Foundation (her goal is only $10k, surely America we can make this happen) and later tonight I’ll curl up and watch a few episodes of the Golden Girls, maybe with a slice of cheesecake, and think of the joy she’s brought to our lives.

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