Sunday, January 6, 2013

Don't bother asking Y

Finally made it back to the gym after shall we say a brief (ahem) hiatus. I waited until late afternoon on Jan 6 thinking most of the resolutioneers would have cleared out by then. Of course never having been at the gym at 4 pm on a Sunday I have no real basis of comparison.

The cardio room was not full, which it often is on weekday evenings. It was comforting in a strange way that the room still smelled terrible and that the man who picks his nose was still there.

Am going to try a kickboxing class next. The last time I took kickboxing was many moons ago when I lived in South Florida and was a member of Gold's Gym. The instructor was a cappuccino skinned hunk of manhood who went by the name of Silk. A name that would seem silly for anyone else but he owned the moniker. And his classes were always full. Oversold even. You had to get there early to ensure a spot in the class and once in, there was jockeying for position to be in the front row. Not by me, mind you, I jockeyed to be in the very back of the room. But on the part of the scantily clad attractive women who vied for the attentions of Monsieur Silk. They all wore full make-up and were extra fake-tanned for the occasions.

Whatever the motivations for attending, Silk was a great instructor. Chose great music, charismatic, friendly and easy on the eyes. Taught me the difference that a good instructor can make, and I haven't found his equal yet. But I'll keep looking . And wherever he is, I hope Silk is still helping people master their uppercuts.

Incidentally, although I'd never guess that the outdoor pool at the Y would be open in January, I could have sworn I saw a cold, lonely lifeguard huddled by himself in the lifeguard stand..tho then again I do need my eyes checked...

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