Tuesday, January 1, 2013

You Have Your Bucket List, I Have Mine

2012 was a good year, by my measures. Had fun with my significant other, traveled and knocked some items off the bucket list. Here is a recap, and I'd love to hear about your year, your bucket lists and any resolutions you have? 

I made it to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe – take that, bucket list!

We saw whales in the wild in Hawaii – being doused with blowhole water was an unforgettable experience. Being spit on by a whale is far cooler than it sounds. 

Went to the Pez Visitor Center (Orange CT) – so much delicious Pez. I never knew this should have been on my bucket list, lucky for me we drove past it on I-95.

Visited Martha’s Vineyard (ferry!)

Attended a Formula 1 race. Very cool. 

Tried Popeye’s chicken for the first time. Damn good. 

Went to Zoo Lights at the National Zoo. This may not seem like a big deal but I liked it. 

We were on TV (DIY Network). Look for us on the show "I Want That" trying out household items. I built a shelf. 

Finally saw GNR in concert. This is not easy, given Axl Rose's proclivities and likelihood to have shows cancelled. 

Toured Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright’s studio in Arizona. Highly recommend. 

Experienced a NASCAR race in Richmond. Not my first NASCAR rodeo but the Richmond track is singularly interesting - you can bring your own alcohol. Good people watching. 

2nd time around at the fun Gold cup races. 2013, will plan a proper tailgate party. 

Participated in the Washington Tennis Education Foundation auction (met Art Monk and Charles Mann, and only spent $100 on an auction item). But new rule, we are not allowed to go to charity auctions. 

Met Train (the band). Got my picture made with them. 

Threw a surprise bday party for bestie Af. I think she was truly surprised and if she wasn't, she'll never tell. 

Completed a 1,000 piece puzzle with no picture to go by. Again this may not seem like a big deal, but it can ruin relationships. 

Partied with pirates. Yup. 

Finally ate at the Peppermill in Las Vegas (hey you have your bucket list I have mine). 

Saw Poison & Def Leppard in concert for first time; saw Florence & the Machine; saw B-52s for 3rd time.

Celebrated 5th anniversary of going to Bethany Beach with family friends. 

Got to Dogfish Head Ale brewery restaurant (DE) and Stubb’s BBQ (TX) at last. 
Visited Paramount Ranch - now part of a National Park, it is a set that looks like an old Western town where scores of movies and tv shows have been filmed. 

Took a sunset sail on a historic schooner in Baltimore harbor.

Flew Virgin America for first time – not bad.
Went to weddings in Maui, Martha’s Vineyard, Malibu mountains, St. Michael’s Eastern Shore Maryland, Delray Beach FL. NIce to celebrate that much love with people we care about - and fantastic venues.

Experienced Amoeba Records in LA- a fun, giant music store. 

Drove to top of Sandia Crest mountain, NM. Long story about trying to take a tram that was closed, but lovely view and drive. 

In sad news, we said goodbye this past spring to our beloved senior dog Java who went to canine heaven. For Thanksgiving, we welcomed rescue dog Cinder into our home. 

One door closes, another one opens. Sometimes a window. Here's looking forward to a great year in 2013 with my fur babies, my spouse, my friends and family - I'm a lucky gal and I wish nothing but the best and an upward trend for all of us. And Dallas is back on January 28 .... see y'all. 

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