Saturday, January 8, 2011

Easy $

They have been running a lot of Publishers Clearinghouse commercials lately. I can't help but think they choose the winners based on who has the funniest outfit.

Speaking of easy money, aka the American Dream, I'd like to invent some crappy product that nobody needs but feels compelled to buy anyway. It will be manufactured from inferior plastic and be destined to clog up landfills for generations to come, and ideally it should have no real practical or intrinsic value.

I will sell millions of units via a cheesy infomercial with an Australian or British announcer. Somehow that makes the offer seem better.

But wait! Of course, if you act now you'll get two for the price of one, and a gift of something else made of plastic. Just pay separate shipping and handling, makes a great gift.

Consumer Reports is asking for ideas for new products and gadgets that haven't been invented yet. Send yours to


  1. I had never purchased from an infomercial until Chistmas. Got a twofer on the pasta maker thing All in $16 for two, one for us one for Kyle. plastic and cheap yes, but the damn thing spits out perfect pasta! I won't becoming opus anytime soon, although we have our eye on this certain blender ...

  2. I'm glad the pasta maker worked out. I always assume the merchandise won't live up to the marketing, but maybe I shouldn't rush to judgment.

  3. One thing, though: Requires a microwave. Get going on that remodel so you can enjoy the glory that is perfect pasta!