Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There’s an app for that

The sheer volume of interesting, unique - and many free - apps that are out there is a little overwhelming, yet intriguing. There really is a lot of creativity involved, and some apps out there that are very useful and practical, not to mention entertaining.

But as with anything else, there’s a lot of junk and clearly some weirdos out there. In a recent quick scan of the Droid app marketplace, I found the following free apps:

• Indonesian bible
• Smoker statistics
• Sexy snake (don’t want to know)
• Pocketbudda (sic)
• Mayan clock (useful)
• Binary option calculator (now with more binary!)

And if you don’t mind springing for 99 cents per, you can also install:

• Douche meter
• Awesome Fart
• Nose Art clocks
• Massager pro

I really have no idea what these are about but if you dare me I might download one of them.

The IRS recently came out with an app to check the status of your return and such, but would you ever file your taxes by app? We do banking by phone now, so I guess it’s not that much of a stretch.

A lot of apps are tied to revenue generation somewhere along the line, but whether it’s an app or content/information on the Internet, I’m also intrigued by what compels someone to provide stuff for free online? It seems unusually generous of our society.

I know in many cases the act is monetized somewhere along the way, or the hope is that putting information out there may lead to money, job offers etc. down the line , etc… but I think a lot of the information that’s out there (take Wikipedia, for example), is just people wanting to share their knowledge and experience. It’s sort of an interesting byproduct of the digital world and how we interact in it. (side note - Is there such a thing as a ‘zine anymore?)

The downside of course is people who share WAAAY too much, like this guy. And lest you get any ideas ladies, he’s married. And lives in Florida, natch.

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