Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Presidents, Prosciutto and Paula

So I didn’t get a snow day today. It was so close I could taste it, but instead I was a contributing member of society and did my work duty and then went grocery shopping to stock up on food just in case some more snow decides to come our way. It has been pointed out that I shop for a storm like I shop for a party. If I think we’ll be snowed in for a few days I’ll buy cheeses, prosciutto, booze, pastries know where to come if you run out of canapés.

Was flipping through the channels tonite and accidentally landed on the President’s closing remarks at the Tucson Memorial service for the people attacked with Congresswoman Giffords. Damn you Mr. President for making me cry with your remarks about the 9 year old girl who was killed. But could this be a shining comeback moment for the Prez? Let’s look at this as a turning point for the country.

Also thanks to the wonders of CBS, the President speaking at a somber occasion was followed by Live to Dance, aka the Paula show. Oh thank you jaysus for another episode.

Paula believes that she is a gift to the world, and this is a great vanity project. All the dance candidates coincidentally talk about her and what an inspiration she is, tho I’m guessing half those kids don’t know who the hell she is, I don’t care if she was on Idol. Gotta love how the crowd ‘spontaneously’ chants “Paula, Paula, Paula” as she walks out on stage .. .and how she ‘mentors’ the dancers in the semi finals (finals? Hard to follow) which appears to involve Paula making an appearance at a hotel ballroom and criticizing them and then taking credit for them being good. Love that Paula gets to be the good guy and say nice things about everyone.

And who are these people who join dance troupes and give themselves funny names like White Tree Fine Art, Jittin Genius and Theatrix. Clearly I wasted my youth.

Paula tried to make a funny at the top of the show by making a crazy comment on purpose about how she was “Floating down a cotton candy river and arriving at a maple syrup brown beach.” You may be a good dancer, P, but you need to work on your comedic timing.

What have we learned tonight? Have self discovery with your dance.
Goodnight, America.

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