Saturday, January 15, 2011

Your Genius is Showing

Was listening to Pandora the other day and it occurred to me that Mozart died when he was about 35 years old. I’ve officially outlived Mozart … I imagine my genius will be showing itself any day now. I remember a friend of mine telling me once how when she turned 25, she was struck with the realization that she would never be an Olympic figure skater. No matter that she had never strapped a set of skates on her feet in her entire life, it was just the acceptance that there was a dream, an ideal, that would never be realized.

But I think it was Oscar Wilde who said genius is born, not paid, so there you have it.

Someone with a streak of genius who is just looking to get paid is this guy: Steve Madonna. I don’t know anything about his current or backstory, but the “resume” he posted on Craigslist was snort-inducing. Hopefully you won’t be offended by the cursing (a lot) and the rage (oh yeah), but it is pretty funny.

If you don’t read it, I’ll summarize it for you – a man who appears to be in his 20’s is frustrated by his inability to find an entry level, low-paying job in today’s workforce, so he lashes out on Craigslist with a nonsensical, angry and yet entertaining diatribe against employers. While extreme, I’m sure he represents the frustration of a great number of people who are under-employed or unemployed, and I wish everyone luck if they are looking for work or looking to change jobs.

This Monday, the U.S. commemorates Martin Luther King day, who worked tirelessly to advance the cause of civil rights in a nonviolent manner and was tragically taken from the world too early in a very violent way. (P.S. why is it called MLK Day if he was a Junior?) I had the good fortunate to visit the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis a few years ago, which was created on the site of the old Lorraine motel, where MLK was shot. They even kept the hotel room intact, as it was on that fateful day. It is a very moving place, and if you’ll be in Memphis any time I encourage you to spend a few hours there. I also feel like the occasion of MLK day calls for some sort of volunteer activity so I’ll report back on what that turns out to be – am intrigued by virtual volunteering and/or microvolunteering opportunities. Would be nice to do something to recognize the best dream of all. BTW here is an interesting story from an advisor who helped write the “I Have a Dream” speech.

MLK Day has been designated a day of service, and this year is the 25th anniversary of the holiday. If you’d like more info or want to get involved, check it out -



  1. I think I felt similar pangs when I saw both a doctor and priest younger than me in the same year. Uh.. what've I been doing?

    Genius doesn't necessarily mean application either. I joined (was "accepted into"?) Mensa a couple years back, and let me tell you, the place if filled me Smarty McSmartishes doing a whole hell of not much with themselves, myself included.

    Streak of genius? Pah. Is your life meaningful and fulfilling? I think that's all that matters anymore.

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful comment, I agree on meaning and fulfillment being good measures of a life.