Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Year of the What?

I am sick, and this makes me cranky. In fact, so far I’m dubbing 2011 The Year of the Crab, as in I’m feeling really crabby. Call me Lucy Van Pelt, but so far the new year feels a lot like the old year, and over the holidays it appears that a lot of the people around me lost half their brainpower.

This could just be my OCD talking, but I feel like I need to have a name or a theme for my year, and that is what will be manifested in the months to come. An acquaintance on Facebook posted recently that she had declared 2010 to be her Year of Professional Success, and lots of good things happened. So she’s naming 2011 her Year of Romantic Success, and I wish her all good things. I know that it’s not a matter of sitting back and waiting for things to happen, but maybe having a theme or a vision will help focus my intentions and actions in the direction in which I want to go.

In which case maybe I don’t want something as negative as crankiness to define the year, but the crabbiness factor could actually end up having a good effect on my sanity at work, because I tend to be overly diplomatic and give people the benefit of the doubt and extend myself to others … Lucy, on the other hand, does not have these traits. She is going to tell you what she thinks whether you like it or not, and will suffer no fools gladly.

Good motto to live by, maybe this year is The Year of Not Suffering Fools.

My friend Heather, who is a calorie counting queen, has declared this The Year of Spit it Out (as in don’t eat it, whatever it is).

Any suggestions?

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