Monday, January 3, 2011

Random thoughts for the first Monday of the New Year

So far, the new year feels a lot like the new year. I arrived late at work today, covered in dog hair.

Needed some Pandora tunes to get the day going, thank god for 80's music.

My friend Jamie reminded me of three important Colombian New Year's Eve traditions:
  • wear yellow underpants on NYE, to bring you luck in the new year
  • at the stroke of midnite, swallow a grape - swallow one grape for each toll of the bell for a total of 12. if you choke on any of them, that number grape corresponds to the month in the year in which you will have trouble.
  • after you're done downing grapes, grab a suitcase or two (they can be empty) and run around the block. this will help ensure you take a trip in the new year.
I hope Jamie remembers the New Year's eve in which we drank ouzo and danced on tables at a Greek restaurant. No word on what color underpants were worn.

Watched part of the Craigslist killer movie on Lifetime tonite. Hope you did too so we can discuss.

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