Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warning: Adult content (or not)

I was looking at the settings on this blog site a few days ago, and one of the options is to add an adult content warning for the site. Yesss. So now anyone who comes to the site gets a nice warning and has to click “I agree” and disavowing anyone from being responsible for any emotional damage you’ll experience from reading my ramblings.

Of course, since you’re here, you already know that. Honestly, I don’t intend to post pornographic content (yet) but I did want the right to curse with impunity and talk about things that might not be considered good dinner table conversation by everyone so I figured I should warn the kiddies.

Sorry Kevin, I know it sounds saucier than it really is. But I guess it is sort of liberating in a way. Frees me up for future naughty posts.

On a related note, the big hotel company Marriott recently announced that it will be phasing pay-per-view adult movies out of their hotels, citing economic realities. Studies show that fewer and fewer people order these movies every year, no doubt a factor of technology – technology that allows people to download content to their own devices, and the technology that allows for very detailed hotel receipts.

My take on this is that no one wants to turn in an expense report showing the naughty movies they ordered. Plus with the proliferation of channels like Cinemax maybe there’s plenty of skin available for viewing for free. I’m usually content to watch East Bound and Down on HBO.

So the question is, have you ever ordered an erotic movie on hotel pay per view? Ok, you don’t have to answer that. Let’s just leave it as ‘what happens at the Comfort Inn stays at the Comfort Inn.’

As hotels phase some things out like pay-per-view movies, concierges and in some cases tubs (again, studies show less and less people use them at hotels), new and interesting things are being added like check-in kiosks and the ability to unlock your room door with a smartphone.

What amenity would you like to experience during your next hotel stay?


  1. All I want is a couple of extra shower caps.

  2. Maria I can't believe I forgot to mention shower caps. Very important.

  3. Jon, be careful what you wish for.